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We’re focused on technologies that truly have value to partners to bring optimization of businesses and lead towards scalability.

Our expertise and approaches are ahead of your needs; applying innovative and disruptive methods to propose increasingly enduring solutions combining with required resources we perceive an exponential growth.

Oread Technologies envisioned creating an equity platform and partner businesses having the scope of applying disruptive technologies and scalability.

Sectors We Partnered

Pharmaceutical Industry

Partnered Genvio Pharma Ltd, a pharmaceutical manufacturing industry producing specialized medicines in Oncology, Anti-Retroviral portfolio, and exporting across the globe.

Partnered Oread Life Sciences Ltd, a Biotech company, coming to market with Analytical Reagent, API, and Biotech products.

Agro Tech

Applying patented technologies in the agricultural sector we partnered with Growers BD to bring scalability of agricultural business through Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Bioflock, Vertical Farming, RAS, High-Density Fish Cultivation, and Integrated Farming.

Water Technology

Partnered with international patented technology and finance, we are establishing ourselves as a service industry for both Water Generation and Treatment of Wastewater along with DOE to achieve SDG 2030.


Developing technologies combining programming, machine learning, and big data we support partners to optimize their business and increase profitability. Already partnered with AgeTune involved in the e-commerce business at a niche segment.

Health Care

Plan underway to set up an LRS based hospital to promote more of a personalized healthcare system where prevention will be focused. 

Manufacturing Industry

We are ready to partner with manufacturing industries where innovative technology can be applied and scalability achieved.  

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